Thoughts on Tarkov’s wealth inequality issue

I had a few thoughts regarding the often spoken about wealth inequality issues in the game.

  1. So the name of the game is Escape From Tarkov, it's not Become the Rambo of Tarkov. So the idea is that once a PMC accumulates enough wealth/value in their stay. They have enough money to Escape from Tarkov. Fake Belgian passports and off on a boat they go. What this amount is and whether it's open or hidden, static or variable etc. is something that can be tinkered with.

Once the PMC Escapes from Tarkov you start again at Level 1 but keep your skills or so me portion of them, or what have you. People will say that it's not fair or whatever. But it's not really that different to coming in partway through a wipe. Additionally it will be less disadvantageous as that, as there will be a lower percentage of Giga-Chads Thicc Cocking about.

I understand there will be ways to game this. That is present in any kind of concept that could be inserted. There are mechanisms that could be find to mitigate abuse as there always is.

  1. The other idea is the concept of a tax/upkeep sort of system. This could work in place of or concurrently with the first idea.

Before or After each Raid your PMC needs to pay a percentage of the total of their stash. This represents the upkeep costs of security, bribing locals, food, water and so on. This goes up in value as the more valuable stuff you have, the more it costs to secure it etc. Which passes the sniff test for me.

None of this is fully fleshed out obviously. I just wanted to put it out there for discussion.

Thank you.


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