Three monitors with ultrawide FHD in the middle – NVidia surround reduces resolution of the ultrawide

I'm trying out three monitors with NVidia surround. I have a 2560×1080 (ultrawide FHD) in the middle and two identical 1920×1080 FHDs on the sides. When I enable surround, it changes the resolution of the ultrawide in the middle to 1920×1080. Then there are wide black bars on the sides and smaller ones top and bottom. It's using the center of the screen instead of keeping full resolution or filling the screen at 1920×1080 (of course, I'd like to have full resolution).

Same thing happens to the ultrawide when I have surround off and use Windows settings for display to change the resolution of the ultrawide to 1920×1080.

I thought this would work out good because the vertical resolution is the same on all three (the DPI is different, so that changes the magnification between the middle and sides, but I think I'll get used to that).

Also, I think it's well know that when selecting an internal or external panel with the setting of that moves focus to that panel (so that it stays on the side instead of moving to the center), you can only see the top part of the panel. If there's a fix for that, great, but I don't expect or need one.



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