Throttle + forward/reverse thrusters redundant?

Hey folks,

Next week I'll be getting a thrustmaster twcs throttle to pair with my VKB gladiator.

Currently, I'm using a razer nostromo lefthanded keyboard with the gladiator. I just discovered that the forward and reverse thrusters are amazing for non-FSD flight. I use them intensively for combat, mining, and docking. I set the throttle to 50% (for combat) and 0% (mining and docking) and use W and S to change speed on the fly. Much easier than setting throttle levels normally. Works great for keyboard input.

With a dedicated throttle, can I get the same level of control through the main throttle axis itself as I can using the forward/reverse thrust buttons on a keyboard?

If not, what are some possibilities for binding the forward/reverse thrusters? I would prefer to stay away from using the joystick twist for ergonomic reasons.

Update: Maybe I should rephrase the question:TWCS owners, do you still use forward/reverse thrusters in addition to the throttle?


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