TI 10 Battlepass and DOTA:Dragon’s Blood Anime Connections

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We will look at the hints Valve has given us through TI 10 Battlepass about the New anime show they have been working on.

Remember TI 10 Battlepass had two maps in the Cavern Crawl. Light side was the Nightsilver woods and dark side was Foulfell (Prison where TB was imprisoned). It seems like the two places Nightsilver woods and Foulfell are in a way connected. Maybe the Foulfell prison lies right under the Nightsilver woods where Selemene keeps her lotuses. Now that we see the Anime revolves around Mirana, Selemene and Terrorblade in Foulfell, it's clear the cavern crawl and TI10 battlepass theme were intentional.

TI 10 Battlepass Cavern Crawl

Let's look at the new Terrain that came as rewards at level 160 in Battlepass. The new Terrain (Sanctums of the Divine) has the Radiant side (light side) based on Nightsilver woods with Lunar theme and lots of lotuses and fountains around the map.

Radiant side of Sanctums of the Divine

Another look at the props to compare with Anime

Now if you look at the props used in this terrain specifically the Statue and Sconce used in the terrain matches the ones from the Temple shown in the Anime.



Now let's look at the Anime snapshot:

Snap from Dota:Dragon's Blood Trailer

Another look at the props used in Anime

Even the immortal treasures had the same theme:

Immortal treasures of TI10 Battlepass

We can look at the river of this new terrain and many of us have already made this connection.

We can see those same flowers (lotuses) in the river

As we can see in the new terrain has those same Lotuses in the river as shown in the Anime snapshot above. What's peculiar about the terrain is that the river connects the radiant side to the dire side. And the Dire is clearly based on the Foulfell theme. So I think the lotuses are somehow connected to the way of getting to the Foulfell prison.

Now if we look at the Dire side of the terrain.

Dire side of Sanctums of the Divine

We can see the same props but in Dark colors. The ground looks like it's breaking and has fractures. It can be linked to the Fractured mirrors that Terrorblade escaped through.

Just like in the sneaky Terrorblade preview they gave us.

Terrorblade sneak peak from Anime

Looking at the official website for TI 10 Battlepass, this was the picture they showed for Cavern crawl

Cavern Crawl TI 10 Battlepass

And this was the picture they used for the Music pack for Battlepass on their website:

Music pack preview picture

Also the courier that came with TI 10 Battlepass: Brightskye was a cat with Radiant and dire version.


Seems like a lot of things from TI 10 battlepass are in connection with the DOTA:Dragon's Blood Anime series. I am excited for the show to come out and learn new lore. Let me know if I missed any connections.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/lx0346/ti_10_battlepass_and_dotadragons_blood_anime/

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