Time to Kill (TTK)- A discussion

So, there is a pretty significant divide in the community right now

There is some fierce discussion over on official forums right now as a result of the +5 to the Thorax

Some people, think TTK needs to be longer (looking at 1-tap scenarios)

Some people, think that the TTK is stupid high, making The Division look reasonable (center-mass mag dumps with "bad ammo")

The latter occurs due to 2 reasons-


I like to use this clip (yes its from several wipes ago, but not much has changed regarding health/armor since- could easily be repeated today):


Over 1000+dmg to armor

A mere 110 dmg to body

Proper plate hitboxes should adjust this pretty well, letting a lot more damage get around armor and still strike the body


(The bigger issue imo)


The more wounded a target is, the LESS damage you do to them (wut?)

Eg, a target with everything blacked except head/thorax (assuming both of these are full health) takes AS MANY hits to take down as someone full health

This is why flesh damage weapons are inherently unreliable, because as soon as your target heals their thorax/head, basically, all of the damage you have done to them is ignored and you gotta start from scratch, again.

Factor in that limbs being blacked means basically NOTHING right now

This is TWO blacked limbs- shouldn't I have some MAJOR accuracy penalties? I could EASILY make a precision shot


Blacked Legs mean nothing with painkillers (which EVERYONE has)

The end result is that a target basically stays near 100% combat effective UNTIL they die

Instead of the health system making firefights play out in dynamic ways based on how the combatants get wounded- its almost entirely ignored and becomes purely a damage sink more than anything

As with most things, I believe the answer is in the middle

On the one hand, IRL people rarely just DIE outright. Short of hitting VITALS the human body will fight to continue running until it MECHANICALLY is no longer able to

As a result, The number 1 killer on the battlefield is Blood Loss, where blood pressure drops too low for the body to function

On the other hand, the combat effectiveness of someone QUICKLY drops as they get wounded



People like to bring up cases of people being shot multiple times and continuing on (which is true) but the EFFECTIVENESS of that person drops pretty heavily, especially since in many of these cases heavy use of drugs is involved

Now, nobody is asking for you to be forced onto the ground when you get shot once, but I do think we REALLY need to increase the penalties associated with being wounded

A "high" ttk is fine, as long as the target becomes less and less effective as they get wounded

Bullets should not feel like BB's


Making 1-taps harder is fine (raising the lower end of the TTK spectrum)

But we need to tone down the amount of mag dumps players can walk through (capping off the upper end of TTK)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/hsf8tb/time_to_kill_ttk_a_discussion/

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