Time to remove global trader limits?

What's the point of adding more 9mm or .45 weapons if the ammo is globally limited for some retarded reason?

Now don't get me wrong, if this was some nuclear-warhead level ammunition (.338 AP for example) then I could see that being a valid reason. But 7N31 struggles with Level 4, as does 0.45 AP. Why lock these weak ammos, for short range weapons behind this dumb ass thing. SMGs also shoot faster, so you need more rounds just to get through a raid. Stocking up on 7n31 will last you TWO raids at MOST if you do any sort of PVP.

Meanwhile you can buy M855A1 for dollars and RUB… Right. Because its not like 43 pen 45 damage ammo is more effective… And let's not forget that M4 is a barely used gun because its so hard to control and land shots, so obviously the ammo has to be in large supply.

I know you can craft 7n31, but who in their right mind is using it instead of printing money – hint – its not me.

From my understanding, buy limits were added to stop people from buying at traders and re-selling items on the flea – aka from the dark age of technology pre-FIR. Now I know that global limits existed before flea to make the items feel scarce and valuable, but what the fuck, ever 2 hours traders just magically pull a fresh supply crate of 7n31 from the void?

If you want people to move away from super meta guns AHEM M4 AHEM then don't limit their ammo supply so hard. I don't care how cool the new Vector or UMP is, I'm sure as fuck not running lasermatch to roleplay as a stormtrooper.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kwt3xt/time_to_remove_global_trader_limits/

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