Tinker can perma hex even with 22% status resistance from sange and yasha

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I deleted the previous post because obviously most redditors have how to say politely "strange" opinion while actually cant understand what perma hex means.

Original post:

I think this should not be possible, like every item in game has a purpose to counter some abilities, and status resistance on SY should be exactly the item to break permahex loop. Something should be changed, rearm time or status resistance up a little, but tinker should not be able to perma hex with this item.

So the most common opinion:

  1. If team is good tinker cant perma hex anyone because your team has stuns and lotus orb and perfect cooperation, so basically tinker is fucked when he tries perma hex, if team is good.

This is theory, practice shows that this happens and happens often, watch any immortal streamers on twitch, because it is rarely to have "team is good" condition, usually it is "not so horrible". The mistake is people think perma hex to kill takes considerable amount of time to execute, while in reality full combo with 2 hexes takes 3 seconds which is enough to kill most agility/int heroes, combo with 3 hexes takes 5 seconds and enough almost for everyone. It is naïve to think team can react in this short amount of time, unless they literally next to you, which almost never happens if tinker is a good player.

2) People think status resistance on SY item is not to counter tinker permahex, i dont know why they think this, i think this exactly the item purpose, as well as linken sphere and aneon disk. The same way there are multiple ways to remove silence with manta or bkb or eul, each hero decides which one is better based on hero.

So, i think the expensive item that gives status resistance is exactly the item which is needed for core hero that does not have another use of aeon disk because of useless stats. I am not going to buy aeon disk on luna, but SY maybe, i dont usually buy it, but if tinker is in the game i will.

3) I am low skill, low behavior player if i get hexed regularly and my team wont counter play this.

To lose game, you need to be perma hexed once. This is how most games ends, core hero gets caught of position and gg. Happens to everyone, even during recent TI. This is basically a condition to end the game.

So the general opinion is perma hex is good and you should buy aneon disk if you want to counter play it but not SY. The question why never answered, people have on opinion but they cant justify it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qldcdl/tinker_can_perma_hex_even_with_22_status/

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