Tips on playing Switcheroo (seasonal mode)

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So, I have been dabbling in the seasonal mode for sometime, not a whole lot, but there are somethings I noticed that help people having trouble with this mode.

  1. The deck. Of all the factions, I feel like syndicate has a better chances of winning, even then you need to be careful how you construct your deck. For syndicate, go for hidden cache and construct deck, such that you have very few coin generators. The idea is to not let your opponent's get coins and take advantage of your cards. For this reason, hoard cards and hidden cache is best. No scenario but tiger's eye can be very useful to get a big advantage as well.
  2. For all other, it shouldn't matter too much. I am not sure how well cards like fruits of Ysigith or Pincer maneuver are but my go to leader and faction is woodland spirit. It is a 9p body and nothing more to it. Avoid putting in removal. It will only be used against you. Deck thinners like Knickers and Roach are great, faction thinners are great too. For monsters, devotion is great. This is because it gives you a 7p body (An Elle Conqueror) that might be completely useless for your opponent.
  3. How to play. Rule number 1 – Never ever pass. Card advantage is next to impossible and passing doesn't work. Your opponent will continue playing until he is content and then you lost the round. The only way I see card advantage being possible is by winning round 1. Which in and itself is unpredictable in this mode. This is perhaps one time, you want to get blue coin. You get additional 5 points, and with constant switching, there is less chances of red coin advantage.
  4. Now, the most important bit. How to do you know which cards to play. So far I have been using a deck consisting only of 4p cards from monster faction. This way I don't have to think too much about my hand and focus entirely on disrupting opponent's hand. The idea is to not allow your opponent to play his strategy. You have knowledge of both hands and use it to plan out which card you will play next. This is why going first might be good, you are taking the lead. Play the best cards from the hand outright. If your opponent is carrying removal, use it as quickly as you can and try to play out all the gold cards first. That way there is less chance of your opponent playing them.

So, those are some of my tips in playing Switcheroo. Hopefully you guys find it useful.


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