Tissia de Vries is based now?

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With the new patch, we've obviously seen the resurgence of NR Patience – for better and for worse. Obviously, a lot of attention has been giving to the Meditating Mages and the Alumni wombo combo, and I think it's fair to say that there will be some sort of to those cards in the next patch.

However, I don't think that's going to cripple the NR Mage package, but I do think it's going to make the oft-forgotten Tissia de Vries come to the spotlight.

With the abundance of mage engines available and the current greedy meta, it's quite easy to stick a solid 3+ Mages with Order abilities near the end of the round. At a 6 for 10, she recoups her provisions super easily and often pays off for 20+ points pretty easily.

Take this scenario, which happens to me all the time as I'm climbing the ladder. In R3 you'd likely have 1-2 bronze engines, probably with Patience 4 or higher (god forbid you have a 17-point alumni on the board). On top of that you may have a Margarita, Dethmold, or Ildiko hanging on, since no one seems to target them. Final combo is to play Gerhart as 3rd last card, then Tissia as 2nd last. That way, you have a Patience 5 Gerhart locked and loaded.

Suddenly you've got a huge point swing: bronze engines, Gerhart (ideally for Casting Contest), Dethmold, whatever else you got. Nice, right?

Then you get to do it AGAIN the next turn. I've been beating most meta decks this way, whether it's MO Kelly or Handbuff ST, they aren't packing the answers lately. Best part is, she doesn't really much on the broken Alumni combo, so I'm hoping to see her fill the gap that's inevitably coming.

Invest in Tissia de Vries while the meta is hot, who knows how long we'll be enjoying this mage economy.

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