To All Dota Players: When you think about your first time playing Dota, what brings back nostalgia?

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Hello! I am asking this question very broadly, as I am working on a project related to this topic.

I want to try and nail down this "Dota nostalgia" feeling in a very visual way, and want to hear some real experiences. I would greatly appreciate if you took some time to respond here with your own personal experiences!

Note: I'm especially curious about fans who started playing Dota 2 specifically

Can you ever recall your first time ever launching and playing the game? Can you recall your first experiences that motivated you to learn how to play? Can you recall the moment that it just sort of "clicked" with you?

for example, I started playing dota back in 2015, back when Dota 2 ran on Source 1. I always think back to the old artstyle and just the "feel" that you got when you explored the Dota map back then. I can load up Source 1 Dota right now and jump right back into the training modes where I first learned the basic mechanics and such (like the weird little custom map where you are dragon knight and you go on a bunch of little quests to kill Razor). I also remember loading bot games in the beginning and trying to explore the Dota map whilist also trying to avoid the deadly enemy towers.

This is all just relating to me specifically, but I'm just especially curious to hear about other Dota players and fans as well. I'm curious to read anything you have to share on this very broad topic!


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