To all threads who claim for a competitor..

Yes if Tarkov get a competitor, it's only a GOOD thing.
Now many don't understand that a competitor doesn't mean it should be something like a 1:1 clone or similiar.
Many are talink about bf hazard mode. We have no official info abou that ( i think? xD ) but let's assume it's a competitor.
If battlefield will have the same frustrating punishing experience ecc… then we are far away from a true competitor. I say that because i think bf should ,and hopefully will, target a different kind of players than the harcore ones.
-Gunporn players enjoy Tarkov for his customization. But then what? after that there is a game that for many do not suit them.
-Immersion is kinda good, but after 4-5 wipes one could give a fuck about immersion and just look at gameplay.
-Gameplay of Tarkov is EXCELLENT. They way it feels whan you shoot, the raid system, loot and bosses while PvPvE is perfect..kinda xD.
-All fall apart ( for many at least ) when they start to understand what kind of game and company there is behind this game. All this features are "locked" behind a time-eating game.

Bf hazard mode should target all the players that are tired/don't like/deluded by Tarkov making a game easier, funnier and fast overall for this kind of players. And they are a lot.

If anyone here expect bf to be as hard as tarkov get ready to get arsed. For all the others let's wait and see.

Maybe EA and DICE will do good, or they will do so bad that we will go back to Tarkov and surrender to the fact we leave tarkov for good or we stick to it in silence xD.

PLS remove armor lvl 5 and 6 along with top tier ammo from trader! Thanks trainfender


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