To FC or not to FC..

Howdy Commanders.

I've been out in the Black for a good while now and alot of what's gone on in the Bubble has happened without my knowing or caring much.. but the latest Fleet Carrier deal has got me thinking it might be worth the couple hundred jumps back to get in on the deal..

I have about 5.2B in the bank and so the 3.6B to purchase the carrier and the ability to carry all my ships in one place seems like it's worth the trip and the expense.. but I'm still hesitant.. I know there are upkeep costs and fuel costs and I don't want to turn myself into a fulltime tritium miner just so I can keep gas in the tank..

How big a deal is the upkeep and fuel costs?? Do I really have to schedule jumps with it hours (or days) in advance or can I just go about as I please unless/until/or regardless of anyone being on board? How many of my own ships will it actually carry or is there no real limit?

I got questions!



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