To the people who want Secure container changes, rate my thoughts

I see a whole lot of people saying something along the lines of "Don't allow putting anything in containers in-raid" as the main argument in favor of secure container changes. For you guys specifically, what do you think of the following:

  1. No valuable loot in containers. Anything that's rare can have a flag that disallows it from secure containers, so hatchlings can't put that GPU they found inside it, but newbies can take that tushonka they found in raid and still have some progress.

  2. More sources of guaranteed income. People love saying "BUT HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY WITHOUT MY SECURE, I'M REALLY SHIT AT THIS GAME". Hey, me too! you know what would help us shit players while not affecting all the rich/skilled ones? More ways to get money through the hideout! The bitcoin farm is fantastic, it generates money for nothing so everyday you have a few hundred thousand roubles no matter how bad you are. Why not add more(and cheaper) ways to get small amounts of guaranteed income so that newbies/low skill players aren't completely shafted when they die 90% of the time?


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