Top 64 (Round of 16) Qualifier Meta

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People seemed to like my post from last week giving a rundown of the Top 16 qualis meta, so I'm doing it again for the round of 16 for today's top 64 qualifier. All decks can be found here.

Syndicate (16 total decks):

  • Lined Pockets (16)
    • w/Sigi (2)
    • w/Graden (13)
    • w/Flying Redanian (13)
    • w/Azar Javed (1)
    • w/Philippa (5)

Once again, everyone brought Lined Pockets. This week there was more consensus on the "best" version, which looked something like this. Still, there were some that made different choices, going for cards like Sigi and Philippa, and a few that cut the boat.

Nilfgaard (15 total decks):

  • Tactical Decision Hyperthin (3)
    • w/Lambert (1)
    • w/Ffion (2)
  • Imprisonment Midrange Assimilate (5)
    • w/Vincent (1)
    • w/Amnesty (2)
    • w/Vilgefortz (2)
  • Imprisonment Masquerade Ball (1)
  • Double Cross Midrange Assimilate (6)
    • w/Vincent (2)
    • w/Amnesty (1)
    • w/Vilgefortz (2)
    • w/Sunset Wanderers (1)

The big story here is that Double Cross overtook Imprisonment for the most popular Midrange Assimilate leader, as players chose to throw away some of their control for more point slam and hand information. Location/Canta shows up in every deck except wangid's unusual Sunset Wanderers take, with the others disagreeing on whether to run Vincent, Amnesty, and Vilgefort. Hyperthin had a small showing again, this time all running Heatwave, and Sif_Great_Wolf even brought Ball.

Skellige (13 total decks):

  • Reckless Flurry Control (9)
    • w/Discard Package (8)
    • w/Wanderers (5)
    • w/Portal (1)
  • Battle Trance Gedy(1)
  • Battle Trance Control (3)

Reckless Flurry is most popular here again, with eight players deciding to play a discard variant and Sif_Great_Wolf sticking with Portal. A few of the discard players cut Wanderers, possibly considering that it can sometimes make red coin abusing feel awkward, as your Wanderers get forced out early. Then we had four Battle Trance players, three sticking with control and one going for the Gedy engine deck instead.

Monsters (8 total decks):

  • Arachas Swarm (7)
  • Wholesome Overwelming Hunger Deathwish (1)

Monsters bounced back this time with 8 total Monster decks. Seven of them were AS decks of some kind, usually running Portal/Crimson Curse/Yen/Bone Talismans, though Rolero ran an interesting Wanderers/Mammuna top end. Then we have Lekssmiling's deck – I actually wrote "Viy" first and then decided to go check and see what he put in his Viy deck, only to find it isn't Viy at all. Harpy Eggs, Succubi, and Miruna all make an appearance, as do Sunset Wanderers and Mammuna at the top end.

Scoia'tael (6 total decks):

  • Precision Strike Spells (4)
    • w/Heatwave (2)
    • w/Forest Protector (2)
    • w/Dunca (3)
    • w/Vanadain (1)
  • Nature's Gift Devotion Symbiosis (2)

Scoia'tael was the big loser this time around, with their total decks dropping to just 6. Four chose to go for the Alzur/Scenario spells route, with the big question being do you play Forest Protector or Heatwave. John Sally also made the unusual decision to sub out his Dunca for a Vanadain. Two players brought Devotion Symbiosis, both opting to run a version without Gezras and including Figgis. Perhaps many players felt ST was too targetable this time around.

Northern Realms (6 total decks):

  • Inspired Zeal Duels (4)
    • w/Siege (1)
  • Inspired Zeal Commandos (2)
    • w/Siege (1)
    • w/Draug (1)

Despite their absence in yesterday's round, NR has a decent showing here with 6 decks. Four players chose the Duels deck, with one Siege variant, while two players decided to go for Commandos, with one variant each for Siege and Draug.


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