TourGuide and Labs

Not a new conversation, but in the games current state, Labs needs to be removed from Tour Guide.

I did a recent poll of own raids and streamers and its 60/20/20. 60 just unabashed blatant gamer chair actions, 20 suspect, 20 clear care free.

185k entry fee is minor, but with the run through moniker you can just load and jet, you have to get invloved, which means mass exposure.

Then its either first and waste numerous keys maybe, and then maybe die otherwise randomly. Or its do every other map, then die to a hacker in the first 50 seconds. We use to get told of anti hacking measures/bans/progress. But its basically the wild wild west in labs and no BSG imput makes me feel its going to stay that way. Which, is fine, i can avoid labs and get all my loot/fire fights from shoreline/interchange. But….Tour guide.

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