Toxicity during coaching

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so I had some time on my hands and too lazy to play so decided to coach people in a low-ranked game. the guy played pos 5 like me, so I thought I could give him good advice since he was herald 2.

then for absolutely no reason the enemies start flaming me.

I have no idea why people with who I cannot even communicate with were flaming me that hard. Our bristle got an abandon after getting first blood and we won 4v5, and it turned out they kept flaming even after I muted them.

I have no idea why people were flaming me when I don't even have the option to talk to them and haven't done anything to wrong them. All I'm doing is helping a guy with 200 games get better. this is the first time it happens in 25+ games, and I hope it's the last. I don't understand what's wrong with people.


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