Trader Levels need a Rework?

It seems a little overpowered that once you reach end game and have a bunch of money to spend that's when the BIS items are the cheapest. For my friend who has just unlocked the flea market his options are either spend way too much money on a good setup or I have to bring him one from my stash. I don't mind hooking him up with a gear set so he actually has a chance in raid. When he goes solo though he really doesn't have a chance at killing anyone when he has a 100+ recoil gun shooting ammo that barely goes through level 3 armor. I think its silly that all these 80k + items are available to end game players for less than half the price they sell for on the flea market. I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to fix this but what do you guys think about it? Maybe make the hideout a more viable way to make BIS ammo and items for late game players and leave the traders to more barter trades. Looking for a civil conversation if you don't have anything good to input downvote and move on please thank you!


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