Traders are causing the meta gun problem

(Forgive english, I dyslexic)

This latest event has taught me that the flea is not as much of a problem as traders. Think about this for a second when you build a gun how much can you get from the traders, 100% if you have level 4 mechanic and this to me is the problem. You do not need the flea at all remove the flea, I will still have the meta streamer gun from the traders.

You want to see people using different guns and crazy combinations based on what they could find remove the top 50% of the attachments or more, you can get from the traders. I believe you will see people going to Kiba, farming bosses and hunting those attachments like fiends why? How else do you get them? At the moment traders! So supply will drop a cliff like we saw in this event when we had flea and no traders, prices for attachments were insane when you could find them available but people stocked up before so demand was not quite full. (I did not run out of my favorite gun builds)

So let anyone sell anything they want on the flea, fine but you cannot build the best or close to the best gun from just traders anymore or ammo or armor. Level 4 should be mid tier at best want better? Farm it or pay a stupid amount. Want a meta gun its not 300K its 3 million. You will never stop the top 1% just like in real life but the rest of us will be forced to use whatever attachments we can find in Kiba or off a Reshala guard. I would be forced to actually learn what other attachments exist in the game beyond the meta ones.

tldr: Traders supply all you need for meta guns and mechanic is amazon of traders, the flea will work as god (nakita) intended.


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