Trading isn’t inherently a bad system. It’s just Epics fault for not even having one in the first place

Trading isn't bad, its poorly implemented. There's black desert online, one of the biggest mmos ever to exist has trading in the form of a market place. Elder scrolls online, the biggest mmo on Xbox, has trading and selling, both player to player and market place. Borderlands, a fan favorite and loved by majority, has player to player trading. Diablo 3, a literally golden old age game, has dropping items to trade and was successful.

Stop blaming kids for enjoying a portion of the game just because you don't find it enjoyable. To them, they see cool loot and just want it. Because they're kids. We're talking probably age 14 gamers and lower who are literally just having fun doing whatever in a video game. A video game that is trending among kids everywhere in the world who for most is their first major/actual game.

It's not their fault Stw is terrible as a yearly gate to certain items. That doesn't even guarantee if said items will be brought back. It's not their fault for Epic having terrible progression systems and doesn't thoroughly teach how to actually be effective in building or putting hero builds together that would help change their focus from only trading.

All they see is oo shiny loot. Take a look at lynx. They see that a lot of endgame players use her for Storm King and follow. That's how beginners get to know how to build heroes. I'm not saying "hey they're victims, it's not their fault at all" but Epic certainly hasn't made a proper move to help against "bad" trading.


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