Transcription: Bandit Hideaway Ep 5. Starter Decks

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Source: timed for the Starter Deck Statement, watch the entire Video for more Information.


As soon as we can do it (…) we are going to fix it. Here's the thought process (…) What we wanted to do with Starter Decks. We wanted to make (them more cohesive). I wanted to have a clear vision of what a good version of that deck would look like, right?.

And so I made two versions of that deck in PlayGwent. And for every faction, I have the document here, there's (…) 10 Cards that go from the Starter Deck to the [Something we can not know yet]-Deck PLUS the Card that you can buy if you buy the faction starter pack. So 11 Cards.And so I have PlayGwent lists of [Something we can not know yet]-Deck, you know the Harald an Craite, the Bloodeagle, the Hemdall, the Wild Boar of the sea, the Dagur Twoblade… That Is NOT supposed to be the Starter deck. It is supposed to be the “this is what we should help New Players to get to” and the actual new starter decks.

And… someone wasn't paying attention when configuring and testing and that is the deck that was given to everyone right now.So as soon as we can fix that, there will be: No Blood Eagle, Hemdall, Harald, Wild boar of the Sea, Dagur Twoblades, Skjordal, Vabjorn, Champion's Charge, Herkja Drummond and 2 War of clans in the Skellige Starter Deck. It's going to be gone.

And what we want to do is to create a Special Reward Book Tree, for every faction where instead of Ore, Kegs, Meteorite Powder, it's actually these Cards. Minus the Harald, the Card that you'd buy. As a Player this would be the first thing you see, and you'd have to progress through it a certain way. You are like “hey I want to learn Skellige, (…) I just got a Reward Point what do I do? Where do I spend it?” and the Tutorial actually shows you how the Reward Book works, because we currently don't do that right now, surprise.


And so all these Cards that you go “I wish that I just had them!” Are supposed to be things that everyone can get. These Reward books will be available for everyone including the old new accounts will be able to obtain those cards, relatively fast, cause you won't have to get lucky with Kegs and scrap like crazy to get them, faster then you would normally but it would take you some time to get there. The Idea is for new players to not have to go to all these meta reports and dredge through reddit and start thread number 782 to ask “what's a good deck?” The game actually tells you whats a legit good deck.PROBLEM IS that we give the legit good decks right now, which is not the plan.


No, they are not supposed to be that good, and they are not for free, I know that everyone would want those decks for free and those good cards for free but that's not how the world works. (…)

(sorry for any possible typo, It's late and I'm not a native speaker)


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