Tried to play with a friend, can’t figure out how

So my friend who doesn't fly ships is mainly interested in doing the ground missions, I am a pilot so I decided to purchase the Cobra Mk 3 so my friend could ride with me and we could do missions together but, the main issue is we can't figure out how to share missions and the same missions don't show up on terminals or from NPCs so we cant even get the same mission on our own…I heard of Wing Missions but that's apparently only if both players are in their own ships. Is there really not a mission sharing mechanic? This game just died to me if thats the case, major oversite on Frontiers part. I mean they want to put threat level 5 missions but you cant bring a friend or group up with someone to help? I am not a pro fps gamer so taking on level 5 threats is not happening on my own.

Also we can't seem to get on the same ship, every time my friend boards my ship their game crashes, then one time they boarded and both of our games crashed, maybe this is just some bug they havent ironed out…


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