[Trigger Warning for White Knights] Post about hackers!

This is to spark a constructive conversation about the state of hackers and the future of EFT.

Currently (and for most of the games recent history) every time there is an influx of players hackers inevitably ruin Labs. For most people this is a non-issue as many people will play an entire wipe and never touch Labs. However, the map is so enjoyable with the difficulty and rewards of the map. Currently, you cannot play the map on most US servers profitably. It is expected that more than 1/3 of games will have blatant hacks and most likely more people are hacking with less blatant cheats. Tarkov is unique in the fact of the prevalence of real money trading making hacks actually profitable for people and treat It like a shitty minimum wage job. Although, I’m not informed 100% on the hacking meta. Apparently there is a dual PC hack that makes It very hard to trace. The new meta for hackers is to make a dog tag name with “ttv” in the name to reduce the amount of reports. Will the devs ever be able to solve this issue or is the game (labs) doomed forever?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/kpu76a/trigger_warning_for_white_knights_post_about/

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