Try a new path

I had some friends of mine ask me how I am able to make money on scav runs. They tell me of their adventures in Interchange to middle mall or their trips collecting up items to sell. And their stories mostly ended up with “and then a player scav killed me”.

I haven’t had bad experiences in scavs this wipe…sitting at 83% survival… and make the money needed to keep me scavving. I have my paths here and a path there, the normal stuff imo but seem to have a run that works well for me.

My suggestion to my friends normally ends up along the lines of..if you keep dying how you’re playing and don’t enjoy it’s going, then change it up. Going to middle mall is a dangerous place full of angry Pscavs but delivers that juicy dead players loot.

TLDR: If you are tired of dying just change it up as good as you can that works for your ability and play style. Can freshen it up and maybe you can find a new way to raid that works even better!


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