Try to convince me they didnt change Arena for Draft because of rewards

the witcher and ciri gwent

Hello everyone, I joined Gwent last summer, spent 4 months playing like crazy, all day Arenas, like 5 or 6 hours legit, sometimes even more, to get money and to get cards when i rarely won the 9 games. I was thinking the whole time that Gwent was awesome for being so friendly to new players that dont want to spend money. I stopped playing because it drained too much of my time.

Came back today, with a more healthy and casual approach, aaaand my favourite game mode is gone, and now i have to work my ass through missions no one cares just to unlock more cards, playing factions and decks im not interested. I only care about Nilfgaard, i dont want to go from one casual game to another spamming the mission cards just to get a few ores, its a waste of time for me and for the other guy who has to see me playing a horrible scoiatail deck and then quitting when im done dropping my mission bois.

I just read the post about the new gamemode explaining everything about the old system vs the new, im not agaisnt the gamemode itself, they made a few good points, but removing the risk/reward aspect of it its just bs, being that greedy agaisnt new players that have to unlock everything just makes me wanna puke. So im not giving you a single euro, i could have spent some money now that i got a job, but im not going to do so now, im just crafting the few cards im missing from NG and some Neutral and from now on i will only play ranked and get stuff by getting the daily reward and thats it.

Not a euro from me because you pretty much ruined the game for me, the thrill of the risk/reward of arena was awesome and you killed it, and im sure you did it on purpose to force us to buy the cards.

TL:DR, removing the risk/reward aspect of Arena/Draft hurts new players that dont want to give money to unlock cards. Plus im 100% sure they did it on purpose.


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