Trying to find 1v1 PvE spots

I'm a new player. Just got this game with my VR setup and I'm having a blast. So far I've spent most of my time trading/mining. Just got enough for my first Vulture and am eager to start messing around with combat, after having practiced on a few dozen asteroids.

I've been parked in the LHS 20 system and have gone on a few bounty hunting runs. Unfortunately, at least in this system everything feels either too easy or impossible. In the conflict/hazardous resource zones I hit like a wet tissue, but in the Low/High resource zones I'm constantly swarmed by Feds who are happy to kill everyone for me.

Anyone know of any "Goldilocks" fighting spots that would provide a healthy challenge to someone of my level/outfit? I enjoy combat a lot, but I'd prefer to go toe-to-toe with enemies without a bunch of CPU allies backing me up. I've ventured to a couple low security zones, but the enemies there have been too difficult.


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