Trying to gather a group of players to play with (Max legend medal)

Dota2 Mods

I set up a discord server and a facebook group, and I'm trying to find a group of people to queue with together, plan strategies and so forth. So far, though, I've had trouble even finding a single person to play DOTA2 with, but it'll work out eventually. Maybe.

The players to join this group should be rated below ancient rating. Basically there's only an upperlimit for rating, which is approximately 3500 mmr, and everyone from 1 to 3500 mmr are welcome.

Servers: EU West, US East

Language: English

Age: +18 only

I've written a questionnaire here which you can answer either in the comments section, or by sending me a private message. I'll determine on the basis of your answers whether or not to include you in this bunch of players. There might be a problem that there won't be any volunteers, but let's try it anyway.

  1. Which positions do you like playing?
  2. Do you consider yourself a team player?
  3. How do you believe a hard support player should ideally play a competitive match?
  4. Write your own analysis on why some heroes are better suited for the hard support position than others?
  5. Do you enjoy planning team strategy before hand?
  6. Do you use microphone?
  7. Approximately what times of day are you online in your (GMT+?) respective timezone ?


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