Trying to get friends into this amazing game.

Over the past few months after a friends showed me this game and babied me through it, I’ve been trying to get some of my other friends into it.

I just can’t seem to make they keep at it. The learning curve is more of a brick wall and it’s one foot from the starting line.

How did I even get into this game? The learning curve is insanely hard, and most of my friends just quit playing after their first few rounds.

Is this game only for certain people? I was under the impression that anybody could appreciate a FPS that is this detailed and fleshed out, especially if they are good at FPSs normally.

I came from CS:GO where I would consistently get at most 5 kills per game, so I’m pretty trash but for some reason this game is just perfect for me. I can get multiple kills per raid and each kill feels amazing. My friends I’ve tried to introduce are all much better than me at CS but they don’t want to take the time to learn this game.

Any tips to maybe get them back into it? Not now of course because of the raiders, but after the update maybe? Thanks for reading.


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