Trying to get statistics on Scav Case Outcomes

Hey all. I've noticed that the scav case is producing some different outcomes than what I expected in the previous wipe, which was also different from the previous wipe, too.

If anyone feels so inclined, it would make the process go quicker if people would take screenshots of their case's conclusion and post it- or at least describe here what level case it was and what you got and the qty of it.

This is somewhat the format I'm using for now. So, that's the information I need. I'm not looking for how much you sold off of it or profit off it. I really just want to get a loot table idea of what's possible and their rates.

Haven't been able to find anything like this, so thought I'd create a post for it. If I start to get a whole bunch of items. I'll put together a cleaner document and share with the community. Thanks!


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