TTK is lower not only with flesh damage rounds just so you all know.

So all of you RATS, got so happy now that BSG "fixed" how damage to blacked limbs works, but one thing you're forgetting is how these changes don't only affect flesh damage rounds but AP rounds as well. For those who don't know what happened, apparently blacked limb damage was bugged for the longest time. When limb gets blacked, the next round spreads it's damage across the remaining body parts, which is why this UNREALISTIC system, makes it so that even when you get shot in the toes, your head and thorax take damage if your leg is blacked. Now what used to happen before is that the blacked limb would be calculated for that damage when it wasn't supposed to be.

So for example a bullet comes with 80 damage and blacks your leg, (legs have a x1 multiplier), the leg is blacked, then the next bullet comes and hits the black leg, the 80 damage gets divided by 7 instead of 6. You have 7 body parts total but since one is black it shouldn't count so it should normally be divided by 6. Of course a number divided by 6 will give a bigger damage number than a number divided by 7 so you'd take more damage which will drop your head to 0 faster.

What people don't realize is that these changes affect all rounds, not only ones that specifically do flesh damage. For example say you run into a potato with a Mutant and BP rounds, his aim sucks so instead of shooting your thorax or head, he hits your arms and legs, you'll die faster than before even though the guy's aim sucks. For reference, BP has 58 damage, ONLY 4 less than the T45M. Now those numbers may not come close to the RIP and HP rounds which got a much better buff, when taking into account that when hitting armored parts the flesh rounds do next to no damage, but the AP rounds will still damage that, the results aren't all that different.

It always amazes me how shortsighted and dumb so many people are. One the one hand they praise the early wipe, they wish it lasted longer because "fights are longer, TTK is higher and overall it's more fun" and "once you start getting into meta guns TTK becomes too fast to be enjoyable", but will absolutely love a change that effectively reduces TTK by like 15% of more. I wonder if your short term gains from using some crappy gun with cheap flesh damage ammo, will overcome the long term effects of these changes.


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