Turbo mode lane creep scaling doesn’t make sense – it’s way too fast

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It's way too fast even for turbo.

I believe in normal mode, lane creeps are upgraded once every 7min30seconds. In turbo, they are upgraded 3 times every 2min30seconds. That means 9 times every 7min30seconds, 9 times as many upgrades. Heroes sure as heck don't scale 9 times as fast in turbo mode.

In normal mode, when heroes like Puck are level 25-30 (super late game), they can still kill an entire lane creep wave with one illusory orb and one waning rift.

In turbo, at about level 15 (which comes super fast, level 15 is still early game in turbo), the creeps are already too strong to be nuked by one illusory orb and one waning rift.

That's just one example.

That means in turbo, heroes that rely on spell damage to nuke creep waves suffer a lot more because spells don't scale as much as attack damage.

For example, Sven kills the creep wave in 2-3 swings, regardless of normal mode or turbo. His damage scales. But heroes like Puck or Lina now leave the entire creep wave at low hp, then they have to stand there another 5-10 seconds hitting every creep manually.

I know, "Omega lul, turbo", "joke mode", "don't expect balance in turbo" etc. But seriously, it wouldn't take that much effort to tone down the scaling of lane creeps and make turbo that much more balanced without really affecting anything. It's a positive change that takes about 0 effort to implement.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/njq5t0/turbo_mode_lane_creep_scaling_doesnt_make_sense/

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