Turn off the music and enjoy the ambiance.

Is Valheim coming

For now, I have done absolutely everything, just waiting for H&H to drop.
Accidentally discovered something I didn't pay enough attention to in this game.

Having nothing to do, I've decided to turn off the music walk around at my main base in the Meadows.
10/10 would recommend it.

The ambiance is different when you are near a fire, a shore, or a grassfield. Look around in a circle to surround yourself with the sounds.
If you are doing this before sleep, try downloading "f.lux" to reduce UV light from your screen.

My character was sitting on the roof of my non-artistic-one-story megabase. Looking around and enjoying the scenery, the lighting in the morning just feels so right and perfect with the ambiance.
Cannot recommend it enough.
Hell, even the game menu is good enough for the job.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pnhvtu/turn_off_the_music_and_enjoy_the_ambiance/

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