Twine Endurance is a Mess After Last Update

Well that last update was horrible for Twine Endurance.

These are just a few of the things I found on three separate endurance bases we tested. All three bases have beaten 30 waves in the last week, they wont now for the following reasons!

Mini Bosses – Completely ignoring any block offs on random waves, wave 5 for example he burrowed his way through 9 walls on a straight path to the amp ignoring anything else, broken AI. Wave 13 random wave, burrowed through the front of hill amp. Wave 11 the smashers broke through the same 9 walls the mini boss did, they have never broken through here ever and have no real reason to take that path.

Propane's – Theirs AI has been corrupted and they are now behaving like smashers, they walk up smasher bridges and bang on structures like smashers rather than try and hit the Amp.

Smashers in general are ignoring their own AI guideline and moving of their predetermined paths on random Amps.

Nice to know that after a year and a half away the same crap is still happening and they don't check their co-dependencies when file sharing across the husk variants. Its not as simple as dropping in a new module guys, you have to check every single other file with codependences on that file. Its what I would expect from a 19 yo kid who forges ahead but doesnt see the trees, all good and very productive from the looks of it but it just creates a pile of crap that doesnt work in the end. Vital AI logic has been lost.

Only four words left, fix your shit, please!


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