Twine endurance is really hard :(

Ive been perfecting my tunnels for a week and decided to run it. Everything was going smoothly, an eventual husk hit the amps every once in a while but everything was ok. When the traps ran out i quickly replaced them and the show went on. Until on wave 23 the most perfect trap tunnel I've built (ramp amp) started being useless, every husk, husky husk, propane, started overflowing the amp in seconds, my traps didn't do a thing to em even with the supercharged traps perk (running: Base Kyle with Mega Base, Fully Contained, Tough Traps, Electrified Floors and Power Modulation), of course shooting them didn't work and the mission ended in that wave. My question is, can twine be beaten in this update and without stalling or should i just give up :(. Ive made a hybrid of Mitch Robbs, SpoofySTW and whitestreamz, if you have any suggestions on what should i do please tell me i really want to get that challenge done. Bloodsnek Pl.133


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