Twine Peaks Endurance

I’ve spent about 5-8 hours the past 2 weeks testing every build I can come up with or a copy from YouTube and I can’t find something that works it’s always Ridge, Pit, And Devil Amp.

What happens is about half of the husks target the block off on ridge and eventually break through and I have no builds left to replace, same happens on pit they break through a block off. As for Devil it’s just so damn annoying I’ve tried many things with no luck.

People tell me don’t over trap so I won’t go over build limit which I’ve already tried made things worse lost at wave 7 where as when I over trap I make it to 14

I’m Pl 131, trap durability 263%, using pl 130-144 traps. I don’t expect to make it AFK but there’s only so much I can do before husks get out of control.

Anyways if any of you guys who have completed twine endurance after the cc update please tell me the secret or give me tips thank you


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