Two ideas for an Among Us mod

I have some ideas for special roles that I’m sure other people have thought of. The roles are Doctor, Necromancer, and a third person that I don’t know what to call.

The doctor can save one person per round (resets after button). If the doctor saves someone, that person can’t die until a meeting is called. The doctor wouldn’t be able to save anyone else until a meeting is called.

The necromancer would have the ability to bring dead people back to life. There would be a cool down to this. It would always be longer than the impostor’s kill cool down.

The third person has the ability to convert the impostors to crewmates. They do this by standing in a close proximity (always less than their vision) to an impostor and holding down the button (or you have a start/stop type button). The person would have to stand close to an impostor for a set amount of time. If the impostor runs away, the timer starts to decrease.

This person can convert as many people at a time. HOWEVER, they can also convert crewmates to impostors. When they convert someone, they won’t know if the new person is now a crewmate or an impostor.

What do you guys think of these ideas? What should the third person be called?

P.S. there should be an ‘idea’ flair.


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