Two imposters really changes the game, makes for a really wild time.

Me (yellow) and white were imposter. A while into the game, White sabotages the reactor and the meltdown timer starts counting down. I make my way over there from the cafe to stop the meltdown so that we don’t all die and to avoid looking sus. I get to reactor and find that white has killed orange, and white is just standing there over the body. I don’t know what was going through my head, but I push past them and over to the hand scanner to stop the meltdown before we all die. Blue walks into reactor and finds white standing over orange. Before blue can do anything, white reports the body and we go into a meeting. White pulls a 180 on blue and says “blue just screwed up a cluster kill in reactor. He killed orange and tried to kill me. Yellow, I know you saw that and you didn’t report it.” I felt betrayed. If you’re going to throw me under the bus, we’re both going down, bucko! I say “yeah, I’m impostor, and so is white!” Some people go “ooooh snap” and blue confirms “Yes, white is imp. I had just walked into reactor and saw white standing over orange’s body.” White tires to save himself but he’s toast. Some people vote me off, but white gets the most votes and he’s ejected. I get one or two more kills in before lime calls an emergency meeting. By then, it’s just 4 of us left. I can tell lime is about to get back to where we left off and he says “so…” I try to play coy and I sarcastically say “hmmm blue is pretty sus, ngl.” I guess they had forgotten about my earlier confession, because three of us vote to eject blue and he’s ejected. I win, even though I had openly admitted to being impostor just moments easier. I got kicked from the server after that, but it was worth it.


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