TWO Necessary Changes

Hola fellow Among Us aficionados!

After playing and falling in love with the game, I have identified TWO crucial changes that need to be implemented into the game to ensure smooth, fair gameplay.

1.) DISCONNECT COOLDOWN: I think we would all agree that the "blep" sound effect of a player leaving the game has become a standard part of the initial SHHHH screen because of how often it happens. Players leaving when they don't get Impostor ruins the game for Crewmates and make victories less exciting for impostors depending on how many players leave. Implementing an incremental 30s-300s cooldown period (increasing by 30s per game in each 24 hours period) would resolve this.

I understand that due to connectivity issues with the servers, this may result in a lot of growing pains, so maybe implementing it for players who disconnect within 1 minute after the start of a new game could resolve the issue a bit. What do you guys think?

2.) "Settings Search": I would love to see a more robust "game search" with certain key settings available. In my case, it's Player Speed. So many players like to ramp up speeds to 1.75x or more, which honestly isn't how the game is meant to be played. There's a reason that 1x speed is 1x speed and that 1.25x speed is the recommended setting…these are the intended, optimal speeds the devs calculated would be best for Sabotages, Impostor Kill+Escapes, etc. I often find myself searching for a game with 1.25x or 1x speed for MINUTES, which is lame.

I know, I know…I could just start a game with my preferred settings, but that takes even longer since so many players join, see a lower speed than they like, and quit.



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