Two Valheim players walk into a subreddit

"Look at all the content you can get in mods now, 100+ build items, you can have Lox pull carts, build with glass and make drawbridges, new monsters, dozens of end game weapons with interesting mechanics, etc etc. We hardly received any updates to core valheim."

"Thats unfair. There are 100+ modders and only 5 core developers"

"So they should just buy up the modders, they have $50-100M"

"No. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Adding more people just creates more work"

"… then how did the 100 modders do it all…. And anyway IronGate can just buy up the best work already done by the modders, thats low risk its already done"

"No. You need to be patient. These things take time."

"They had 4 huge releases planned, its only going to be 1 this year at this rate"

"And that is fine."

"On battlemetrics Valheim has absolutely died out compared to nearly all other games which are not declining in growth. Its lost 98% of its players. Every week its losing another 20%, its in exponential decay."

"Thats their problem for not being patient. Also they will all just come back when there is an update"

"Thats a huge assumption I don't blindly believe to be honest. Well anyway I'm going to use mods, I've done all I can in Vanilla, instead of quitting I may as well get some more fun out of it. Check out this build"

"Downvoted, this was made with mods. Its not fair that others cant build this. Here is yet another picture of some rotated wooden beams to make a cool spiral and an essay about how ive played for 180 hours and my 4 friends quit our server before we could ever fight Yagluth"


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