Type10 build advice

So, ill keep it simple, im looking for an engineered t10 beam turret settup.

I can/ would like the flexibility to toss railguns on the small, and maybe the medium hardpoints, but mostly i just want to fly into combat as a mobile laser lightshow.

Ideally id like to mostly rely on sheild tanking rather than let anything scratch my paint.

Priorities, reasonable fire time and reasonable dps, without sacrificing too much on sheilds. As well as a way to keep heat from being too much of an issue.

Im told its possible, but im not super savvy with engineering effects and connecting the numbers in coriolis to actual performance.

I want it to 'feel' good to fight and fly into combat even if that means sacrificing some performance over more minmaxed builds.

I do intend to have a fighterbay.

Any help would be appreciated, wether it be coriolis plans or just specific advice on engineering.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ogjge4/type10_build_advice/

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