UI: Please, can we get MOUSE in the main docked menu? It’s 2021 after all…

You dock expertly with FA off with your HOTAS or whatever / just let the auto-dock do its thing while checking Inara. Main station menu pops up. You grab your mouse to for the mission board and outfitting. Yet the main menu still requires you to use keys. With the lowest option being "Launch" (in Odyssey, "Disembark"). But your ship is no longer mouse or HOTAS controlled. You either:

1) Mis-click launch while quickly pressing all the keys for restock repair and services (space right space right space right space right down space oops pressed down two times now got to quit and resume it's faster than flying out and docking again OMG) and wait for the presses to register (it takes a while sometimes due to server-side architecture!).

2) Move your mouse around fruitlessly, since the UI now seems like a mouse-driven one (all the rest of station UI is mouse compatible, happens to me time to time even after hundreds of hours in ED, it still looks like the main docking menu should accept mouse input, it's too ingrained from other apps and menu culture)

3) Set up yet another convoluted Autohotkey script to work around the UI quirks, which doesn't work 10% of the time (because of server-side delays with everything)

4) Give up in frustration and write yet another UI post on r/EliteDangerous subreddit 😉

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nokxk7/ui_please_can_we_get_mouse_in_the_main_docked/

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