Unable to buy the Odyssey Upgrade

I own Horizons. I decided today to buy Odyssey.

Go to the store. First, it's hard to find the update to Odyssey. They apparently want me to buy merchandise more than the games. Once I found it, I added it to my basket. Since I have Horizons my info is stored. It wants to sell it to me in Pounds. I switch to USD. As soon as I select USD the site logs me out. Well, you can't buy anything if you're logged out, so I log in again. Same thing. OK I'll buy with Pounds and let the banks figure it out. The only option to pay is "New Card". OK I click that. There's no place to enter a new card, just "Buy Now". OK I click that. I get an error because I hadn't entered a new card.

OK. Try to contact Frontier. I can't find anywhere to enter a new ticket. Only look at similar issues.

The only place on Frontier's website I can contact them is as a Business Request. Fine. I let them have it there (IE: I told them what I thought of their store site). I guess they don't want to sell Odyssey to anyone in the US.

I've been in the computer business for 30 years (retired now) and I have never seen any company that tried so hard to not let customers contact them as Frontier. They don't want to hear from us. Oh I can write a bug against ED, but contacting them about the store or anything else? Forget it.

How the hell do they make any money if it's so difficult to buy an upgrade to Elite Dangerous that an experienced Computer Engineer can't figure it out?

BTW, I suggest flamers keep their flames to themselves. Instead, go try to buy something from the FD store with USD.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/puye5y/unable_to_buy_the_odyssey_upgrade/

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