Unethical strat: Self sacrifice gambit

A thing that happened time earlier and managed to get us a win as crewmates…. Well without me that is.

The situation was as follows. I was blue. Red and orange were 100% confirmed to be safe, cyan was only possible imposter, we were down to 1 imposter and I messed up last round by wrongly accusing orange.

Ofc that led to red and orange sussing me. I knew I couldn't convince them I'm innocent so I had a simple final gambit during voting time…

"it's not me. Cyan is last imposter. And to prove that it's not me I will now leave"

And leave I did. They won that round, but without me. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Ofc this is an unethical strat because it abuses meta mechanics of the game.

I call this strat the "Ultimate self sacrifice gambit"

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/l34b3c/unethical_strat_self_sacrifice_gambit/

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