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For the past 2-3 years, I have been dissatisfied with the system of decency!

I used to live outside the city and the Internet was bad, I often crashed and decency dropped less than 5k. now I have a great computer, great Internet and decency can only fall because of the reports. the problem is that reporters are thrown at low decency just like that (too toxic people), and there are those who cannot raise it. last year I got banned for half a year because they threw reports (I didn't win solo on Kerry and Tim threw reports). after the introduction of the patrol, I thought the situation would change, but still the same. on 2 accounts, after winning games and receiving likes, I get bans with the message that the patrol has admitted guilt (how can my case get into the patrol if I won, put the MVP and got likes from the whole team???) now I got banned for a week after winning 2 games in the rating, before that I played turbo and it seems people didn't like that I didn't play the way they used to (lega 5 position, weaver 5 position and so on)
I'm playing this game for almost 9 years and I love it, I buy almost every compendium sets are collected, but because of the honesty just give up

without this system was much better and more pleasant, no one bragged about honesty, no one said "Hey look he has less than 3K decency, let's put him report that used the more sat with Mut"

hope there are people who suffer from this system cannot play

I'm already silent in every game and I try my best and from 2k I rose to 3k mmr, but I was again banned for reports that are thrown for the sake of laughter

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q8ac5b/unfair_dota/

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