Unfair VAC BAN on my account

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Hello everyone,

Well, it happened to me too.

I used to play this game for A LOT of time years and years ago, then I just started playing something else and played less Dota 2.
I would randomly play a couple of matches in a year in the last 5 years or so.
The first sentence I used to say at the beginning of almost EVERY match was "gg hf please let's keep it clean and not be toxic =) ".

I am no cheater, I don't offend people while playing and I don't rage on others who don't play the game perfectly.

One day I turn on my pc on January 2022, log on steam, start Dota 2 and I see that horrible red bar on top saying that I was banned, out of nowhere.

The only "issue" I had with steam it was the last November 2021 when I realized my steam account has been hacked, my username was "xD".That person already changed the email and the password but I managed to sort this straight away by sending to the support details about my card payments and stuff.

I logged a ticket with steam straight away, after a week they told me that they could not remove a ban.

I have no idea what that answers to, as I logged a ticket with them FOR HELP!!!

And since there is no way to log a ticket to Valve, I have no idea of what to do.

Today I opened steam again after months and I'm still banned.

Dota buff asks for " Expose Public Match Data " to be able to show me stats (I don't know why but other people have shared these info with others, probably to prove their innocence showing data?) but as soon as I click to activate that settings and click on the cog icon back to "save", it won't do it.
I click back on social and I still see that Expose Public Match Data not ticked.

Guys, honestly, I have no idea of what to do, it just feels frustrating and unfair. I'm not gonna make a new steam account just to play a game that I play twice per year, even if I loved it for SO MUCH TIME.

I'm a good guy, I don't use cheats or verbally abuse anyone.

Please, help me



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/umpssh/unfair_vac_ban_on_my_account/

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