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hey guys.

its time to discust the NG problem. i mean i am not a bad player,its not that i am only using one deck. i play diferent decks and i keep updated with the meta decks but everytime i try to play some games, when i play against NG i mostly lose. my opinion is that people that play NG dont want others to have fun in the game with all that removal, lock and decks that play your cards or put trash on your deck. i mean what is even the point of playing this ?

people keep strategizing and building their decks for some guy to play a couple of cards and you cant do shit about it and they call it "deck manipulation". its unfun for people to play vs this shenanigans that rely the opponent’s cards to carry them.

am i crazy ? i mean, i play this game for a long time and i dont like to play vs NG, like ever.

whatever. i will keep playing and try to have fun at it.


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