Unlocking doors and then closing behind you traps you in FOREVER!

Second raid in a row on Reserve where I used keys to unlock the Marked Room and the Weapons room in the same building. Pretty high traffic areas so I close the door behind me. Now I'm stuck inside.

First raid it happened with the Marked Room, unlocked the door. Close it behind me. Stuck inside. The only way out was when another person opened the door to throw a grenade in. Ran out in time to survive and kill him. End up dying to someone else hearing the gun fire.

log right back in to reserve, LITERALLY the same thing happened to me again but this time with the Weapons Room just down the hall from the Marked Room. literally had to wait for someone to come and "rescue" me. Ended up dying because of it this time.

Has this happened to anyone else???

Just lost a a lot of gear because of this….

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fymyh8/unlocking_doors_and_then_closing_behind_you_traps/

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