Unpopular opinion about fake crowd

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At first I was like you, and wanted it gone, but honestly, most of that came from it being something unusual, and knowing that it's 'fake'.

However, I came to realize that unlike fake laughter in sitcoms, this one isn't caused by people holding up an 'applause' or 'laugh' sign to coax the viewer into thinking the joke is funny, this 'fake' crowd is generated by the actual crowd.

Now yes, initially people were kind of spamming it randomly, and it felt off, but I think as the tournament will go on, people will get over the novelty and naturally, emergently start using the cheers less out of place.

I have the stream open on another screen while I play a game, and honestly, I got used to the fake crowd, partially due to the aforementioned realizations, partially just because I got used to it.

I think it does a decent job of making TI feel like TI and not just another random tournament, it ain't perfect, but I appreciate it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/q3uz7l/unpopular_opinion_about_fake_crowd/

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