**Unpopular opinion** Be patient for the patch!

Hey guys,

This seems like a fun community but there seems to be a lot of aggression aimed towards the .12 patch. My view on it is, if it's delayed, its delayed. Let them release it when its ready. Everyone screaming about how its been delayed and needs to be released now would be screaming 10 times as much if they released the patch and the servers crashed, or there was some game breaking bug and they couldn't play at all. Just enjoy what you have for now, and if you cant because you know its going to get wiped, then maybe play something else for a bit. These guys are working very hard, they don't appear to be a huge studio, so let them do what they do. They've made a game you all seem to really enjoy, they are going to continue to do that. Be patient, and stop yelling about how it should be out by now, and be respectful to the developers, who without you wouldn't even have a game to yell or be excited about.

TL:DR: If they push the patch out now and it broke your game, you would cry like a bitch. Play the event 4, or do something else until the patch comes out.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dm2nxi/unpopular_opinion_be_patient_for_the_patch/

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