Unpopular Opinion: Dota 2 needs a surrender option.

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It's true that when you're behind in Dota there's always a road to winning the game. Weather it's through your own plays or the every throwing their lead. But in cases where all five players on one team no longer want to play the game I think they should be given the ability to surrender.

I think this would greatly improve the flow and reduce frustration when playing games back to back. Helping to remove that 10%-20% of games that are naturally going to be stomps for some side or other.

This can be implemented with restrictions, only after the 25min mark and only if all 5 players type GG into all chat. This is is close to the system used in pro play and in tournaments because if all five players no long want to play the match they should be forced

It would save alot of time during matches against smurfs, unbalanced games, fountain camping.

I also accept this many lead to extra frustration with people waiting to type GG as soon as possible without trying to comeback but I think most Dota players have pretty strong wills and will be able to assess weather the game is worth investing 20 more mins into.

Just wondering what the community attitude is towards this idea in 2021 ✌️s

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pbwurn/unpopular_opinion_dota_2_needs_a_surrender_option/

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