Unpopular opinion: Giant point swings should be the exception not the rule

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Hi fellow redditors,

don't get me wrong, enormous point swings (edit: I also meant insane tempo plays) can feel satisfying. And in my opinion they should stay in the game but they should be justified. If you manage to set up a particular set of engines for the synergies then you've earned your big point swing, e.g. Salamander.

But at the moment giant point swings/tempo plays are everywhere and they are oppressive as f. Alumnope, Simlol, Fucusyou, Riogameover, Arturd, Meluswine, Sigh Makers, the whole Disco package… It's just not fun to face enormous point swings/tempo plays in each and every game.

Gord was nerfed exactly because of his potential to ruin your opponent's perfect win with one big point swing they could never hope to make up for. Halfling Safecracker got his Intimidate ability removed because he could be abused with Novigradian Justice which lead to an unmatched tempo play at that time, but while Safecracker was nerfed, Discard didn't get nerfed but slightly buffed (Coral).

That's my point (swing). I'm funny today, haha, now downvote me, if you like, I don't care.

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